Advice On Dissertation Writing From A Former Student

Students go through the same challenges when writing their papers. It doesn’t matter when the work was done and what year they finished school. Academics are always similar and that is why a former student could be of help when it comes to your dissertation writing exercise. However, not everybody can be of help to especially if the former student failed in this assignment. In that case, there are people that you will always look up to: those that made it in writing their work. So, what did they do? Here is some of what a former student considers to be good advice for anyone writing their paper:-

  1. Prepare by reading wide: the secret about writing about something is by knowing it. Knowledge comes through reading and understanding. Proper reading and careful analysis of all information, concepts and applications in your area of study will prepare you in your assignment. Great writers are also known to be great readers. These two elements complement each other. In that case, you got to be a good reader if you want to make it in your writing exercises.
  2. Make your topic a lot specific. Don’t be a jack of trades when it comes to choosing your dissertation topic. It is enough to focus on one aspect of your subject other than revolving around a pack of items in your study. Develop a habit of expressing yourself in a short and clear manner. Avoid making generalities that will keep your professor guessing where you are headed with your study.
  3. Work with an outline: Yes, many students agree that an outline is important in guiding a writer about the things to address in developing their paper. Therefore, it is important to list items that will be covered in the development of your writing. This will make your writing coherent and flow from the start to the end without going back and forth. Without an outline, it is likely that you will miss out on important elements.
  4. Use scholarly sources: sites such as Wikipedia are not regarded as credible sources of information. In that case, you are solely required to rely on academic sources that address the topic of your choice. Any unreliable sources used in the writing of your paper will downgrade it. Most importantly, cite your paper well. Avoid plagiarism by citing all your sources used in writing your dissertation.